Based in Durban, South Africa, the practice frequently operates in association with other firms or individual architects, which encourages exchange of ideas and information, and makes it possible to work on a range of larger and more complex projects, some of which have been undertaken in Swaziland, Mocambique, and Uganda, and of its own accord if Afghanistan, Portugal and Lesotho.

Early work experience was gained in Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), London and Durban.

Although the firm has been involved in a broad range of building types, a large proportion of its commissions has consisted of Health related facilities. Further research projects have augmented the firm’s understanding of Health service provision, especially in remote rural areas generally characterised by high levels of poverty and low levels of education. This work has mostly involved the upgrading of existing hospitals where, having generated a masterplan, over time it has been commissioned to design and administer building contracts for phases identified in the masterplan.

A recent appointment was as Design and Construction Consultant to the IFC (a division of the World Bank) for the new Hospital currently under construction in Maseru, Lesotho.

The firm is also appointed as a consultant to the eThekwini City Architectural Department to provide architectural services, and to undertake research, project initiation and Development Management, where it guides and advises professional teams appointed by the Department.

In particular, the City Health Department’s facilities are undertaken by the firm under this appointment; other projects include a scheme for a new City Library, the upgrading of a City area identified as a “special” (historically significant) area, and a Laboratory.

Currently, the firm is appointed by the City Architectural Department as Architect and Development Manager for the new Customer Service Centre and Offices for eThekwini Water and Sanitation – the building is to define a shaded civic square on a greened pedestrian route between a primary transport node serving suburbs to the North of the City, and the CBD.

Low energy consumption and ground and rainwater harversting are incorporated into the design.

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